Brexit Party Policy

'Our success is the way we are turning anger into hope' Nigel Farage.

Brexit party policies

Invest in our Regions Outside of London


 Brexit Booster Plan to invest £200 billion in regenerating Britain’s regions.  

Scrap HS2


Cancel the multi-billion-pound vanity project HS2. We have targeted 28 projects to invest in and deliver much faster than HS2. 

Cut Foreign Aid Budget in Half


We will reduce and redirect the foreign aid budget. 

Scrap Inheritance Tax


 This tax hits grieving families when they’re at their weakest & punishes those who have worked hard all their lives. Taxed throughout their lives on their earnings millions of ordinary people are then walloped again when they die.  

Scrap Business Rates Outside of London


 We will introduce an online sales tax to replace High Street Business rates to help retailers and the growth of small and large businesses outside of London. 

Scrap Interest on Student Loans


We will wipe out all accrued interest on student loans and reduce the interest rate to zero.