Take Back Control

Democracy has been betrayed by our current MPs.  The result of the referendum has been ignored and politicians of all political persuasions have tried to delay and overturn the decision. 

The Brexit Party stands behind the 17.4 million voters and will leave the EU, the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ.  We believe in a clean Brexit to restore our sovereignty and take back control of our laws, borders, trade, money and future. 

Reforming our Democratic System

Politics is broken and has left many people feeling marginalised and disillusioned. It is our Parliament’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is represented. I will campaign for reform of the political establishment, from the unrepresentative electoral system and the unelected House of Lords to the unaccountable powers of the civil service and BBC 

Our Regions Outside London

Our regions are being left behind and we are going to redress the balance with the biggest investment plan our nation has ever seen. By saving £30bn of the EU ransom fee,  $100bn scrapping HS2, £6bn per year by cutting our foreign aid budget in half and £9bn per year from our net contribution to the EU we will invest close to £200bn in our regions outside of London.